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Monday, June 12, 2017

More virtue signaling

When the president of Evergreen began a statement by saying "I am George.  I use he / him pronouns" it rang false with me. If he is not trans, and a cis-gendered guy, then he doesn't really need to tell people what to call him. And if he uses those pronouns, why does he say "I"?  Shouldn't he say "He am George"? Don't people talking to him use "you"?

He continues the talk by mentioning how the land of Evergreen State was stolen from the Indians. Yes, and so is the apartment complex I live in. It's not like he's taking steps to give it back to them, so it's an empty gesture of virtue signaling. He said he would say this at the beginning of all his speeches.


Anonymous said...

Our diversity person said we should do this because looks can be deceptive and also to give permission to others to do this. Modeling, you know.

That's the part about gender. At the same time she also said we had to be nice to the cis white guys. There was a wage gap bake sale that was theater, they charged people according to their race-gender, calculated according to the wage gap. It was a one day thing. So white men paid $1, and others the percentage on the dollar that their average wage is. The white men really disliked this, considered it unfair and did not know about the wage gap (which was kind of the point), and Diversity / Title IX said it was in fact unfair. While meanwhile we are supposed to do all of this with pronouns.

I am very deeply suspicious of all this emphasis on how we must be tolerant of pronouns and have no other political speech. Diversity also made us watch that Heineken add which I think is heinous. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-heineken-ad-is-worse-than-the-pepsi-ad-youre_us_5903decee4b05279d4edbc1f

Anonymous said...


Jonathan said...

I thought those affirmative action bake sales were a right wing thing.

Anonymous said...

AHA. That's very interesting -- I hadn't heard of them before.

White guy got really, really upset at it (I have heard more about this later) mostly because they did not believe in the wage gap. Now I have looked them up and see why.
But here it was (so I am told) said to be feminist. Hmmm!