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Monday, October 16, 2017

A modest problem

Poems online are often represented with every line centered on the screen. 
This is incorrect: poems should not be centered on the screen, but reproduced according to their original typography.  I even had a graduate student turn in a paper 
with her poetry quotes centered on the page (each line that is). We must put an end to this for the integrity of the art form. 
Do not center
each line 
of the damned poem.  
Never link to a site that engages in this heinous practice.

This is a modest problem that we can tackle together. Impeaching Trump, ending sexual harassment in among the stars (whether in astronomy or Hollywood) are things I can do very little about.  But I can try to stop people from citing poems incorrectly, and I can promote the wearing of bowler hats.  

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Thomas said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Jonathan!