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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bizarro scholarship

The Mediterranean: Adult Education LandmarksP Mayo - The Palgrave International Handbook on Adult and …, 2018... There were experiments in community theatre as the La Barraca (the Shack) project which evenextended its activities to Harlem in New York City and which were directed and led by thenGranada-born law student, Federico Garcia Lorca, one of Andalucía's and Spain's ...
I got that google alert this morning. The Barraca never went to Harlem, let's just say that much. Lorca was a law student at one time, but to identity him as that at the time of La Barraca is bizarre, both mistaken (because he studied law a decade earlier) and entirely irrelevant.  La Barraca was not a "community theatre" group but a traveling one, that brought classic works of Golden age drama to Spanish villages. (I wouldn't translate it as shack, either. Look at a dictionary and find the translation that has most to do with theater in the open air.)

Since I don't have the complete work in front of me I don't want to be too hasty in judging it, but still... Imagine someone citing this as a legitimate scholarly source.  

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