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Thursday, October 5, 2017

More disgusting plagiarism

A famous poetry world person plagiarized from Wikipedia in her memoir about how poetry can change your life.  A typical passage taken from Wikipedia is this:

Although Lowell’s manic depression was a great burden for him and his family, the exploration of mental illness in his verse led to some of his most important poetry, particularly as it manifested itself in Life Studies. When he was fifty, Lowell began taking lithium to treat his mental illness.

The worst thing about this is that this is not even worth stealing. It is boilerplate encyclopedia crap writing. I've never called poetry "important" in my entire life. What a disgusting case.  


Thomas said...

Wow! And she's an editor at a major publisher. And her publisher/employer "stands by" her work.

She's right that the plagiarism "distracts" from her point. That's a good reason not to plagiarize. The reader sort of loses interest. Maybe her editor should have caught this?

Or her fact-checker? After all, "her borrowing seemed limited to three sites generally at the top of Google searches"! (That's truly embarrassing. Her plagiarism isn't even erudite!) But I'm sure her publisher skimped a little in the that department.

Someone should simply have asked, "Did Lowell really take lithium?" Type the two key words in to Google and her source quote is literally at the top of the page. Wow.

Jonathan said...

There are other things that Logan did not even document, as he told me in a Facebook comment. The list was getting too long already...