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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blindfolded rhythm changes (3)

I did some BFRC this morning before I went in to work, mostly with eyes closed. I explored some of the bop ideas I found last night.  To me bop means two things: lots of chromaticism, and fluid combinations of swung 8th notes, 8th note triplets, and sixteenths, with some sixteenth-note triplets too.


I had a dream that my colleagues (or some group of people) had voted a certain way, against hiring someone for example, because they did not understand two fundamental concepts: that literature is metaphorical and that is fictional. So I very brilliantly explained those two concepts to them to encourage them to change their votes.

Then when I got up I realized that this was actually a basic point that people forget often. There are three main ways in which we define literature:

Fictionality: refers to a world that does not exist.

Figurative language: the language refers to something, but it is talking about something else, not what it refers to.

Musicality: the work is distinguished by structure, form, sound, and other aspects comparable to musical structures and sonorities.

Fictionality and figurative language are clearly linked, even though they are separate concepts. For example, a poem could be about a real pigeon, but the pigeon might be a symbol. Or a novel could refer to someone who does not exist in reality. Those are different things, but the mistake my dream-colleagues were making was literal-mindedness in both cases.

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