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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


We are understaffed so the service burden is growing, but one colleague suggested that we give more teaching releases in order to do service.  Really? Then who is going to teach our classes? I don't really want to teach any less, or do any more service than I am doing. As of now three out of twelve people are teaching less (chair, associate chair, language program director), and so should we have a few more do this? That would be half the department. When you add in sabbaticals, parental leaves, etc..., then you really don't have people to teach.  


Anonymous said...

Mon Dieu. Aren't you on a 2-course regime? 2 courses is correct. Someone's gotta do service so I'd be happy to go down to 2 and then be able to keep up with research and service. And 2 also means you've got dissertations and things.

I don't know. I think it is introversion. I can work a lot but I am not the caretaking type and I find more than 2 classes very draining because of interfacing with so very many very different people, and all their problems / needs / disabilities / etc. 2 classes plus dissertations/etc. and collegiality and a certain infrastructure seems to be what I need to be me. Otherwise I feel as though I am hooked to a machine and others are using my blood. But only one class, and a ton of service, ICK, that is draining, too.

Jonathan said...

Yes. We are already down at 2. I get lonely if I am teaching fewer than that!