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Friday, March 2, 2018

Dream of music making

We had received musical instruments in the mail. (I was living in a household with other people.) Mine were a set of cymbal-like instruments, in thin rectangular metallic sheets hanging down from some kind of apparatus. I began to play a rhythmic pattern on one, using the top of an ordinary ball-peen hammer. Because of the harmonic qualities of the metal, the ride pattern I was playing also produced its own, inherent melody, which I was able to manipulate depending on what part of the cymbal-sheet I was playing in what geometrical pattern. For example, I could go diagonally to the four corners to improvise a different melody, or move the hammer in figure-eights.

 My time was perfect in this particular dream, and the instrument was designed so that there were no wrong notes, so to speak, only valid melodic combinations of the cymbal's harmonics.  The other members of the household were present in the background, and I knew they were listening, and enjoying my playing, but otherwise they had no firm roles or identities within the dream.  When I woke up I had an aural image of what this sounded like, and it ended up being like "rhythm changes" played on the piano the way I had been attempting to play the evening before...

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