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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Dream of Class

 I was teaching my class, on Bodas de sangre.  I had a power point up, but just then a student took over the screen with his power point; apparently I had forgotten that he was going to give a presentation that. My girlfriend was visiting the class this day too. The student's presentation began with a cartoon or claymation version of Cortázar's "Axolotl," I guess cribbed from youtube, then went on to another similar version of Cronopios y famas. Then he finally went to Bodas de sangre, via a connection he made with the concept of karma as it is associated with both Cortázar and Lorca. My friend asked the class "how do you like Professor Mayhew?" I kept waking up, looking at my clock to see what time it was, and then going back to sleep to resume my dreaming. Since I had been awake for several hours in the night, I let myself sleep on, and arose rather late.  

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