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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Dream within a dream

 I am renting a room from a woman, about 45, and her adult daughter. I am lying in bed and hear a heated argument between them, in which the daughter refers to me as "your young man." I think this is strange because I am 15 years older than her. I am not involved with the mother, but now she comes in to my room and asks me if I have overheard the exchange.  I say yes (they were speaking loudly) and she then lies down with me and it is clear that she expects us to have sex. We begin, and then I wake up. 

I think this is a "freebie," since it is a dream, but now I have two women who both expect me to make plans with them. I cannot just break up with the dream girlfriend, because we have only just begun, but it also seems unfair to string her along. In the second dream, I order food delivered both households, but both orders are delivered to the house of my original girlfriend. There is a phone message from the restaurant that reveals my duplicity.  Now I spend the rest of the night trying to sort out the details, and to remember the dream sufficiently so that I can write it down in the morning. 

The idea is that what I dreamt has a material existence, and thus holds me to an ethical obligation. I cannot just say, "it was only a dream" and expect to get off the hook.  


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Leslie B. said...

Hm. I wonder. I had a recurring dream as a child and later of driving refugees across war-torn Europe.

Now someone I know has gone to Warsaw for spring break, rented a van, and is going back and forth to the Ukrainian border to pick up refugees and deliver them to Polish destinations. She thinks others should, Poles are tired and want to see international people, etc. I think it is an egotistical waste of money, disaster tourism and all.

Yet on the other hand I am very attracted to the idea. And now I realize, it's because of the dream.