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Sunday, August 7, 2022

10 Touchstones for Lorca and Music

These are the ones that I came up with. Not necessarily the best music associated with Lorca (though some is), but rather the points of reference that most indispensable.  

1) The Concurso del cante jondo, Granada, 1922. Lorca was part of the instigation for the event. He gave a lecture, wrote his first poetic masterpiece in connection with this event.   

2) Canciones españolas antiguas, recorded by Lorca and Argentinita in 1931. People constantly go back to these 10 songs, and to a few others associated with Lorca but not included in the 10. 

3) Silvestre Revueltas, Homenaje a FGL, 1937.  The first musical homage to Lorca after his death. Performed in Spain during the Civil War. Sets a precedent for instrumental works involving Lorca. It is also an amazing piece of music.  

4) The entire career of Germaine Montero, the person who did most to promote Lorca in Spain and record both Lorca material and Spanish folksongs.  

5) George Crumb, the composer most devoted to Lorca. His early song cycles like Ancient Voices of Children

6) Paco Ibáñez's Lorca/Góngora record, established Lorca in the singer-songwriter genre.  

7) Camarón's La leyenda del tiempo, the album that established Lorca in "new flamenco."  

8) Leonard Cohen's Take this Waltz, a song that inspired Enrique Morente to look Lorca's New York poetry.  

9) Morente's Omega.  Reincorporates Cohen into the Spanish flamenco tradition.  Opens Lorca up to hybrid musical approaches. 

10) I don't know about #10.  I think you have to leave a "listener's choice."  Then, if someone accuses you of leaving something out, you just have them add it themselves.  

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