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Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Posts

I was reading some old "Stupid Motivational Tricks" from December of last year and earlier this year. I was surprised that I came off as someone who knows what he's doing, can write pretty decent prose in casual, rapid-fire situations, and has potentially useful advice for others. I don't think I seem quite so arrogant as I thought I would, though maybe that's for others to judge.

The blog as a whole is pretty interesting (to me) diary of my research efforts over a seven-month period. My methods, my attitudes fluctuate but within certain limits. Moods alternate between anger and equanimity. My interests range from prose style and academic politics to the organization of everyday life.

I don't feel the work put into the blog has hurt my scholarship in the least. It is complementary, a way of working on the meta-problems of scholarship like time and space management. I could probably spend even more time in such "meta" activities and improve my working habits more.

I do recommend keeping a diary of your thinking about your own work. It has been helpful to me, certainly. It doesn't have to be in a public forum.

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