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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Time Design for Fall Semester

Sunday: Drive to Kansas. Planning session for week’s work.

Monday: a.m.: prepare classes. p.m.: teach 12:30 until 5:15.

Tuesday: a.m.: research / writing. p.m.: prepare Wed. classes as needed.

Wed. a.m.: grading / class prep. p.m.: teach.

Thursday: drive to St. Louis. / Reading for class.

Friday: research / writing.

Saturday: day off.


There are two 10+ hour days: Monday and Wed.

Sunday is devoted entirely to planning exactly how the work for Monday-Friday is going to get done. The general "time design" will be a template, not substituting for weekly plans.

Evenings are left free, but can be filled as needed with research / writing tasks that need to be done.

Aside from teaching (10 hour) days, there is a lot of flexibility.

My main tasks are teaching two classes and writing two articles, one due in December and the other in February.

My time management goal is not to have work spill over inappropriately into times reserved for other work or NOT WORK. I don't mind working hard when I'm working but I don't want to have diffuse nervous work all the time. I think I can get the job done in 30-40 good hours a week rather than 50-60 hours of much more variable quality. The highest quality hour might just be the Sunday planning hour.

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