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Monday, July 26, 2010


Here are some chapter titles for my book:

What Lorca Knew: The Embodiment of Knowledge in Spanish Poetry

SUITE ONE: Fragments of a Late Modernity

1. Fragments of a Late Modernity: Samuel Beckett and José Ángel Valente
2. Poetry and Philosophy: From Zambrano to Valente
3. Antonio Gamoneda and The Persistence of Memory
4. Strange Islands: Late Modernism in Spanish American Poetry

SUITE TWO: What Lorca Knew

5. Lorca’s Duende: Nation and Performance
6. Musical Lorca
7. What Claudio Knew
8. The Verse Paragraph (from Juan Ramón Jiménez to Olvido García Valdés)

I want to make each chapter title distinctive and memorable, which means not too long. A chapter title can be shorter than an article title, because it doesn't have to be quite as self-contained and self-explanatory. Chapters 2 and 8 still need better titles. Those are just stand-in titles.

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