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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stealth (cont.)

My first stealth attack worked very well. I got up at 6, took a shower and brewed myself an espresso, opened up a new document on the computer, and completed a nice section of a chapter using material I had in another, messier document. My chapter never expected me to get up that early so it had no time at all to prepare its defenses. I ended up with 1,400 words in less than two hours, thanks to the elements of surprise.

A few hours later, I attacked again. In its weakened condition the chapter had no resistance. It certainly did not expect me to go at it again, when I had already done so much. It expected me to be complacently self-satisfied.

I didn't even have a desk or chair in my apartment where I was working. I just leaned up against the wall and wrote with my laptop on my ... lap.

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