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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Penultimate Draft

One you reach 6,000 words, most of the writing of the article will be revision. Your word count might actually decrease and increase by turns rather than continuing to grow.

I mark where I am in the text with three marks like this: •••. Once I eliminate all of these marks then I am basically done with the article, and revision can take place. At this point I am trying to get from the "antepenultimate draft" to the "penultimate draft," where I would be comfortable showing my work to someone else. There really is no "rough draft" because once I get rid of the ••• the article should be far beyond rough.

The final draft is the one that is submitted for publication after editorial comments. There can be no final draft until another set of eyes has looked at it. The best I can do is the penultimate draft.

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