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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work as Work Avoidance

What is certain kind of work were a way of avoiding other kinds of work (I know this to be the case, in fact). In other words, work itself can be a strategy for procrastination. Imagine you have two tasks, one is dreaded and somewhat difficult, and the other is fun and easy. You might work at the latter task in order just in order to avoid the former. (The good news is you're getting work done, but you might be making things too hard on yourself, working more to get less done.)

But what if what defines something as difficult is simply the label you put on it? In other words, if I have two things to write, and they are equally fun/difficult, the most fun thing to write will be the project which seems less urgent and necessary, the one that feels like less "work" and more play. So in order to trick myself into writing the one I ought to be writing, I might switch the labels around.

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