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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Plan for the Summer

I decided I would do one major thing each month. For May, I've accomplished my goal, finishing an article. For June, I want to finish the revisions of this article that is giving me a bit of trouble. Now, however, instead of just doing that, I will also reconvert that article into a chapter on MarĂ­a Zambrano. I always mistake difficulty for time. In other words, I have a slightly more difficult task, so I think it is going to be very time-consuming. It is not. I've already made enough headway today to think that it will be just a matter of a few days. Of course, what makes a difficult task time consuming is that we avoid doing it. Aha, that's my stupid motivational insight of the day.

For July, instead of Claudio, I will tackle that major chapter on Lorca. July will be the freest month, since Julia will be at music camp. I will be going to Spain, but that is just for a week or so. That will count as my vacation from writing.


profacero said...

Ha - I've got a new plan, too. It's a 4+ point plan.

Every day: sleep for 8 hours; work out and commute to/from gym/pool 2 hours; LSAT prep 1 hour or more if desired). Those are the priority things and so they are morning things, have to be done.

Then, in rest of day: 1 academic thing, no time limit, it can take as little or as much time as needed; 1 practical thing (e.g. scrape paint off a piece of house), and 1 inspiring thing like go to a gallery or something.

Jonathan said...

Let us know how that works out. LSAT? Are you contemplating a career change?

profacero said...

Yes. I went to graduate school because it was interesting and free but nobody ever told me I'd get an academic job or that they would be in atmospheres this prim and this teaching oriented. If I'd ever had an exciting academic job in an exciting place I would feel differently.

But my interest in field while serious is just an interest, and not a passion. Passions are economics, agriculture, trade, globalization issues, human rights, prison industrial complex. I've gone through the law school application cycle three times in the past 15 or so years and not had quite high enough an LSAT score to quite get into the programs I think would be worth contracting megadebt for ... and also, not had enough savings and things to make the transition to the programs I did get into. I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford it and all, but I've decided to step firmly and step one is to drive that score up! Unprepared and tired I only ever hit around the 80th percentile. I need to make it to the 85th at least. (The LSAT is a much weirder test than the GRE.)