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Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Simplicity

All I have to do this summer in research is accomplish one major thing every month. May, it was the article I just turned in. June will be revisions on another article. July, a chapter on Claudio Rodríguez. In August, I want to finally get that chapter on Lorca done. For some reason, I've been avoiding that, mainly because there's a lot of pressure to make that chapter the most impressive, longest part of the book. Otherwise I can't call the book What Lorca Knew anymore. It would have to be "what Lorca and some other people knew."

None of these tasks I have to accomplish from scratch. What I need to do is finish things that I've started. Like most people, I'm better at starting than finishing.


Vance Maverick said...

That's a pretty weak reason not to write the chapter. (Probably that's why you wrote it down, to break its spell.) If the Lorca chapter doesn't dominate, the title will still work perfectly well as metonymy. (Not that you wouldn't be free to retitle.)

Jonathan said...

That is weak. I've been putting bits and pieces of my ideas for this chapter in articles instead of tackling it head one.