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Monday, May 16, 2011


Transitions are tough. I am currently still trying to turn in my grades while I am living in my house (instead of my apartment in Kansas). The last few weeks I've been exhausted and not nearly as productive as my normal self. I failed to meet my goal in the writing group for three weeks in a row, being a horrible role model. The anxiety about coming back home for the summer was immense, because I was sure I had forotten a book I needed. It is also hard to live with two young women again (my wife and daughter) when I am used to living alone most of the week.

So for this week, I am going to try to do one, and only one significant thing each day. In fact, that is what I will do all summer. I will try to schedule a few week-long vacations too, when I will also refrain from reading all of your blogs as well as writing on my own.

Monday (today): Course proposal. [UPDATE: did that.]

Tueday (turn in final grades for undergraduate course).

Wed. Significant writing on "Was Lorca a Poetic Thinker?"

Thu. The same.

Fri. The same.

Sat. The same.

Sun. The Same.

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Professor Zero said...

After finals in May I always have Home Maintenance and Spring Cleaning of the house and office and yard (activities I do not like, I only like decorating). It is heartrending because all work leads to more work, with nothing in its place, and it always seems to take from finals to Memorial Day. I go to work to escape.

So now it's: each day one practical thing, one academic thing, one workout, and one fun thing, that's the recipe.

After memorial day it will be: one teaching thing, one research thing, one workout and one fun thing. I will also have one practical day per week, on which day I will also do a service thing, and one day off, which may include a research thing (like a day off to go to a library).