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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gender Privilege

I am going to clean the table of the seminar room before I start teaching my grad course. I have my lemon pledge here in the office. This is a classic instance of gender privilege*, because I can do this in a way a female faculty member probably wouldn't want to. Of course, I am the only male faculty member who does this too, but still...

For me it is about respecting the work to be done in that space. We should start with a clean table, at the very least, since people spill coffee on it and it gets a little gross.


*Not fond of overuse of the word "privilege." So maybe I picked a fairly trivial example of it to make fun of the concept. I get to clean a table. Who even wants to? Or maybe I am just showing I know how to use it the way others sometimes do. You decide.

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Meansomething said...

Joyce Carol Oates says that she loves to vacuum and dust before and after writing.