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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday live bloggin

8:30. I am at my desk at home office. I find two Strayhorn biographies in my boxes of books and take them up to office. I enter them into the Lorca bibliography and find KU dissertation on the Artists Theatre of New York. I have it delivered to my office. I am thinking there is one more dissertation on this by a KU student, but I cannot remember for sure? *The library never answered my query of last week and I ended up finding it myself today.)

9-10. I am on the phone with personal business having to do with taxes and the like. I had to call 4 or 5 times all told.

10:00. I go downstairs, reheat some coffee, turn on the stereo and begin to read Gadamer for tommorow's theory course. I read Gadamer outloud to myself.

11:00. I reheat more coffee, go upstairs to work on Lorca. It goes very well. I decide a need another subsection of my duende chapter, and I write about 2/3 of it in one hour.

12:06. Lunch, and I go to gym to rejoin it.

13:07: Back at desk. I got a lot of ideas about Spanish cultural exceptionalism and how it might fit into my chapter on the duende. I write them down very messily in the place they go in the document. My anxiety is high. I write a few blog posts. That is work too.

14:43 I realize I have done a lot of work just now on the project, while intermittently blogging it. It has been a productive day, both for personal business and research. Anxiety is at an extremely high level, though. Somehow it is as though I were afraid not to work on the book very hard, that it would disappear unless I wrote it very fast. The problem is that I am very fast: I sit down and it just comes out without much effort. Either I don't trust it or don't trust myself to keep going with so much intensity.

I write another blog post. I think I'll listen to podcasts of "This American Life."

I relax for a while. I can't take too much intensity. I really did made a lot of progress today and tomorrow I have 11-hour day on campus.

17:30 "Big Tent" meeting.

6:30 Dinner

20:00 Swing dancing club.

Home at 21:45. No more work today.

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