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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

10 Things about Me

The idea is to guess which 2 of these 10 things is false.  The prize is free lifetime access to SMT.

1. I never graduated from high school.

2. I wear a hat almost everywhere I go.

3. I am a huge opera fan.

4. I have an extensive collection of books from the New York School of Poetry, almost every book written by Ashbery, Koch, O'Hara, Guest, Schuyler, and many of the 2nd generation, like Berrigan, Padgett, Shapiro.

5. I suffered from very intense "ear worm" in adolescence, especially with phrases from poems.

6. I often eat salad for breakfast.

7. I have lived in four states: California, Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio.

8. I have had coffee almost every day of my life since I was 17.

9. While a child of the sixties and seventies, I have had very little interest in Rock music for most of my life.

10. I didn't go to any Spanish speaking country aside from Spain until I was in my 50s.


Clarissa said...

I know at least some of these for sure are true.

How about 2 and 10 are false?

Thomas said...

It feels like a trap, but I doubt 1 for the obvious reasons. (I'd love to hear the story about how it's true though.) I feel like I know everything else is true, including 2 (I've seen some outdoor pictures of you, I think). But 10 might not be. So my guesses are 1 and 10.

Jonathan said...

No. 1 2 and 10 are true.

Anonymous said...

3 and 8 are false.

Robert Basil said...

Three and 9 are false. (This seemed easy, because we've talked about music a lot.) (I just read a pretty decent Sarah Vaughan bio, BTW.)

Jonathan said...

3 is false. But my interest in rock is about on the level with my interest in opera. And I have had coffee everyday of my life except for a few days when I was sick, perhaps.

Robert Basil said...

I misread #9 to see the opposite. (It is amazing I am still allowed to go outside!)

Anonymous said...

I misread 9 in the exact same way -- otherwise I would have said it!!!! So I convinced myself about 8, deciding it was a trick question. I always tell the students NOT to try to psych out the test...