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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

An Evening with Eddie Gomez

I love bass players, and this is a really great clinic by one of the greats. I don't play bass but I learned a lot that I can apply to my piano playing.

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Andrew Shields said...

I saw EG in New York at Sweet Basil in December 1984 (with Kenny Barron, Billy Hart, and two horn players whom I've forgotten). And then I didn't see him again until April 2017 in Basel, with Chick Corea and Brian Blade. Corea and Blade were both excellent, but Gomez was utterly on fire the whole evening.

That's the longest gap between two times of seeing anyone that I have, but Andrew Cyrille comes close: I saw him in about 1987 in Half Moon Bay (with John Carter, Bobby Bradford, and Richard Davis), and now I saw him on Sunday in Willisau with his quartet. A 30-year gap between shows, but not quite as big as the 32+ years of the gap between seeing Gomez live!