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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Here are some changes you can make

Here are some changes you can make:

dietary: become a vegetarian or vegan; give up gluten

you can decide to give up a relationship or even a casual acquaintanceship that isn't helping you

you can begin a practice of something and do it every day for a month, like playing an instrument or drawing

you can stop doing something you feel you need to do, but that you don't really need to do (if you go to 4 conferences a year because you feel that need, but maybe 2 is enough?).

you can retire or quit or decide to look for other job


I don't recommend giving up things that you really love as a faux-askesis. It is better to bring more rather than less pleasure into life. The breakfast salad movement is all about aesthetic pleasure, not giving up on pleasures. The breakfast salad can have potatoes or bacon, or anything else you want. It should be attractive and offer a wealth of contrasting and complementary flavors: acid, sweetness, the fattiness of an avocado. Want you want to avoid is "pleasure" that really actually dulls the senses rather than heightening them.  

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Anonymous said...

I have done so many of these things lately but they are not possible, or would not be possible to have arraigarse, without the ORE. My ORE, I discern by induction, I guess, is to take authority and do as I see fit.

Someone told me many years ago that I should do as I see fit ("do what you want", were the words) and I did not get it. I heard, but thought two things: a/ I am not in a position to do that and also b/ but I am doing. I was not able to see that in fact, I did not think I could do, at least to a much larger extent than I was doing. I have had various problems because of that.