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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Google Docs

I have begun to use google docs for documents that I need to have on every computer, so that I don't need to carry them around on a flashdrive or worry about what the latest version is if the doc is on two hard drives. I just log into my blogger account and find my docs under "My Account." I can even edit them on the ipad, which otherwise lacks a suitable word processing program (at least my ipad does, so far.) I can upload an existing doc to google docs or else create one from scratch.


Anonymous said...


Ubuntu One

Evernote (less comprehensive than these first two)

undine said...

Ecohing profacero, except Dropbox, Docs to Go.

I have Evernote but haven't figured out how to use it effectively.

undine said...

(P.S. These apps all work perfectly on the iPad.)

Andrew Shields said...

Check out my friend Oliver Reichenstein's Writer for iPad:


I haven't used it, but I know three or four iPad users who swear by it, and who were all quite pleased and surprised to hear that I knew Oliver from when he was a German literature student in Basel.

Jonathan said...

I can't seem to edit documents on dropbox on my ipad, only read them. I am going to check out the app developed by Andrew's friend.