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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Other facets (and a rant)

There are two or three facets of my intellectual activity that I would like to explore in my career: my own poetry, translation, more work with music, and prosody. Well, I guess that's four. The problem, once again, is one of finitude. I don't have three or four clones of myself who can get this stuff done while I work on the two books in progress.

What I need to do, though, is to have some kind of literary agent who would do the work of getting me permissions (for translations) and publishers, who would send my poems out to magazines to be published, who will politic on my behalf and get me job offers, etc... My research program is just too demanding at the moment for me to do all these other things. Of course, it is demanding because I want it to be. I've reduced some clutter by declaring a moratorium on articles and reviews for the next calendar year.


Once I do get an outside offer to leave my current job, I will take it. You can't insult me by paying me 30K less than the other full professors in my department and then expect me to remain happy with a counter-offer. This is not a question of if but of when, because with my standing in the field there is no way I am not getting another job in the next few years. If I leave and one of my other colleagues, a very good full professor, retires, the department is going to take a serious hit in prestige. It won't be a crappy place, but it won't be a storied Spanish department as it's been in the past, or anywhere close to it.

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Clarissa said...

That's horrible what your department did to you. How is that even possible?? Any department should consider itself lucky if it has you. And I mean that completely, I'm not just trying to be supportive.

This is so wrong.