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Friday, December 16, 2011

Results of the 2nd Experiment

The second experiment had me write as fast as I could for 25 minutes, with the "exam topic" being my book Lorca: modelo para armar. I produced 785 words (not 924 when I blogged metacritically about the experiment itself. So I was typing 31 words a minute, about half of what a reasonably fast typist could type from a prepared text. That gives me a kind of maximum baseline for writing at break-neck speed. I don't recommend it as normal practice, I just wanted to see what the number was, what the results looked like. Now that I know that, I can estimate that a normal writing session of 25 minutes would produce about 200 words, or one good paragraph (or 700 words of pure brainstorming, or some combination of the two). The trick is that brainstorming can be fast, real writing relatively slow, but final revision relatively speedy again, since not every sentence will require changes.

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