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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Self Promotion

I've decided to have my name nominated to be a Distinguished Professor. It is curious that I think of myself as plausible candidate when I look at my cv, but that I still have a hard time asking others to support me in this process. I keep thinking that people will say I am not prominent enough for that. It is an odd dichotomy. I think I am more or less at the level I need to be (of course, there could be other people in the university in this category who are also impressive), but I have a hard time asserting that because I fear people's reaction to my arrogance.

I am fairly certain I won't get it if I don't put my name in for it. My department chair has agreed, so I have to line up a few more people to sign the letter.


matt said...

Go for it, Jonathan, and good luck!

Clarissa said...

This isn't arrogance. This is reasonable and realistic. Good luck!