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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dream and Interpretation


My dream was that I had become fairly well known for some aphoristic pieces of advice, like "RELIGION: Don't try to convince people out of their beliefs." Each piece of advice was linked to a word in upper-case letters. There couldn't be too many of them, because the idea was to simplify life. Unfortunately, I only remember the one example I give here, which I'm not even sure I believe in myself. In my dream my pieces of advice achieved a small succés d'éstime among other bloggers and the like, and people from my past. Each nugget of wisdom seemed to bring breathtaking clarity to my life. THIS WAS ALL YOU HAD TO KNOW. I was working on them in my new office in my new apartment.


One of my courses is on idioms and proverbs, and I also write a blog of "advice." I am an aficionado of proverbs and aphorisms. I am also teaching graduate theory course. I want to express basic concepts with clarity. I moved out of my other apartment, and live in only one now, so all my books, theoretically, are in my office or my new place. I knew I had to clean up today, put books away, and generally find a set of solutions for my chaos. These mottoes, then, have the function of telling me to find basic principles to help me get more organized. Yet they were not simple pointers, but had a more transcendental dimension, as in the aphorism about religion. This was the quintessential "problem solving dream." My mind was working through my problems, applying what I actually know how to do (give stupid advice, express things pithyly, theorize) to the problems I actually have.

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