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Monday, January 28, 2013

Live bloggin the day (Monday)

8:46: Arrive at office on foot. It took 19 minutes to walk from home. Prepare class, which is just a matter or printing out some things.
Tarea para el día 4 de febrero:

Estudien la lista a continuación. ¿Cuántos son “transparentes” para Ud, como hablante nativo del inglés? ¿Cuántos son relativamente “opacos”? Encuentren equivalentes en inglés. ¿Cuáles contienen metáforas? ¿Otras figuras retóricas (hipérbole...)? (Todos vienen de Plata quemada, una novela de Ricardo Piglia.)

de mala muerte (un bar de)
vivir en la babia (estar en la babia)
ver todo negro
en cámara lenta (a cámara lenta)
de golpe
a todo tren
perder la cabeza
un dominó de caídas en cadena
cortinas de humo
jugarse las pelotas
sangre fría
hacer la vista gorda
en mangas de camisa
amigo de la infancia
medidas de seguridad
pegarle a alguien un tiro
en el acto
paralizados de terror
estado de ánimo
a toda velocidad
en sentido contrario
hacer caso
no servir para nada
delincuentes comunes
“algo de eso había”
confirmar la sospecha
el Gran Buenos Aires
descartar la posibilidad
por puro instinto
todo bien
a esta altura (a estas alturas)
“no le daba importancia...”
hacer planes
con cara de aburrido
de todos modos
su mayor orgullo
“se hacían los machitos”
está bien por hoy
sus horas están contadas
conferencia de prensa
asesinos a sueldo
el predilecto de su padre
At nine I look at a book called Modernism and the New Spain. It is very recent and cites me. I enter it into the Master Lorca bibliography. I look over candidate's schedule and c.v. I begin to write this post. I realize I've forgotten watch. I only have watch to teach so I will have to put my phone on airplane mode and use that. I've also forgotten my cash, so I must pay for every coffee today with a card.

9:19: I start to read Benjamin's "Theses on the Philosophy of History" for class on Wed. I have no idea why I assigned these theses. I am about to find out. 9:25: Now I know. Aha! I can pretend to my students I knew all along. It's not because of smug people quoting his aphorism about "documents of barbarism" and civilization. While reading it I also skim over to see what particular Gadamer is in the anthology I've assigned. I see I've made some annotations and selected some sentences the last time I assigned this. 9:35. Student comes in and talks for 15 minutes. I lose sight of poor Benjamin. I realize, though, he has a poetic quality to his writing lacking in Gadamer, for all of G's interest in poetry. Benjamin is cantabile; his writing sings.

10:10: Coffee break.

10:30: I start to look over materials for class. I am hoping it goes well. Now I need to come up with some good last minute-type ideas. I google the verb "pulular."

11-12:15 I teach. The class goes well, but a disturbing number of students don't show up. Maybe because it is going to be 70 degrees today.

Decompress. Answer study abroad email. I read my favorite blog. Really, should be able to throw myself into Lorca now, but it's been several days. What did I specialize in again? I force myself to open up the last thing I was working on and add a sentence to it.

12:50 Lunch.

1:10. Back from lunch it occurs to me I have discussion questions on Gadamer I can email the students. I do so.

1:23. I try to work on Lorca again. It works. I blog about Lorca too after I have my mini-revelation of the day. It is now 1:56.

3:08. I am pretty exhausted. Did some work on Lorca, enough for the day. I start to work on my lipstick essay.

4-5: Candidate talk for Brazilian position.

5:05: I'll hang out in my office until six, then walk downtown for dinner. I talk to a few people passing by.

5:42. I order some books from amazon. I will use research funds to pay for them. I keep forgetting I can buy all the books I want now.

6:30: Dinner at Teller's with job candidate. I can go home after this. I don't know if my tv will get the Basketball game. I have given in and am now a fan of the KU Basketball team.

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