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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where did the day go? (Tuesday)

Got up around 8. Coffee and read part of the article I started yesterday afternoon. Rode my bike in (brrr) and got in at 9:19, sweaty but with numb face. It's only a mile but uphill for a good part of the way. (When I checked the weather it said 34, but then I realized that was the high for the day. The actual temp was 19.)

Worked on theory and idioms-and-proverbs courses. Printed out class rosters. Talked to office staff about graduate studies business. Printed syllabuses. Wrote a post on what the definition of "idiomatic" is, which will be the basis of 1st day's class. Printed out lecture notes for 1st theory day. 5 pages of single space. I won't get to all of it but I won't have a lack of something to say either. Still not ready for other course, but I have between 8 and 11 tomorrow for that.

Talked to colleague about our respective projects. Me, Lorca; him, cine religioso del franquismo tardío. Actually a good project. Talked to other colleague about study abroad and grad studies. It feels great to be back at work. Like an adult! I have to figure out who is on admissions and graduate committees. (Ok, did that). I have to figure out when Vicky teaches.

Wrote an email thanking smart guy at Princeton for sending me offprints. Wow. This guy is swimming out there where there is no competition rather than struggling to find a towel on the beach.

11 a.m. Study abroad meeting for Barcelona.

Lunch, over lunch talked with chair to try to see who is on Graduate Committee and what the issues this spring might be.

Morning efficient but not productive.

1:32: Started looking at a tenure file. That lasted to 1:53. A good twenty minutes.

2-3. A good hour on Lorca. Got some books delivered to me from library. Productive and efficient.

3-3:15. Read more for the tenure case.

A pattern is starting to emerge. I get a lot of things done rapidly in the morning, or then rapidly after lunch. The rest is puttering around. I could go home now and call it a very good day. I still have bookcases to bring in from my car to apartment. It was too cold yesterday.

3:20-4. I might as well do some research to relax.

That's it, really. I have an 11-hour day tomorrow, so I think I will try not to work any more today.

[UPdate: went home, did some more reading. Dinner. Went to GF's house to watch basketball game].

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