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Thursday, January 31, 2013


1. Article on poetic ventriloquism. Juan Ramón and Lezama / Valente and Lezama / Valente and Lorca / Gamoneda and Varela. Cases in which one poet speaks for the other, or attempts a "fusion of horizons" with another. I blogged about it at the Arcade blog once, so I can find that material on line.

2. A course on what I really think is important right now: the normative and the exceptional. I will post about this later in the day. When I realized that Leslie had given a course way cooler than anything I have ever done I got jealous (in a good way of course). I started to wonder why my courses seem cool at first but then devolve into something duller. I have this crazy idea that if I could just be my crazy self all the time then I could be a better teacher. One problem is that I am a Comp Lit guy in a Span Port depot. I need to be a Comp Lit professor, because that's what I am.

3. Translation workshop for KU MFA program.

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