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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Art of the Improvisers

I am listening to Ornette Coleman's The Art of the Improvisers on my new tv, which allows me to access my entire music collection by internet. First, I discerned that it was Eddie Blackwell on the drums and not Billy Higgins. Then I was reading things and paying only intermittent attention. I noticed that every time I began to listen again it was on a Don Cherry trumpet solo, never on Ornette's own solo. Now I'm wondering whether it is Scott LaFaro or Charlie Haden on bass. I am going to say Haden, but I'm not 100% positive.  The most traditional part of this avant-garde jazz is the solid 4/4 time on bass and drums. 

Now looking it up, it looks like one song is called "The Alchemy of Scott LaFaro," but the other ones have Haden (with one by Coltrane's bass player Jimmy Garrison.).  A few cuts have Higgins on drums, too. 

I'm going through my albums alphabetically, not listening to everything, but hitting the high points. For some reason I am digging Cherry more than Ornette this evening. 


Just like traveling alters your feeling for time, so staying home aggressively, hardly leaving the house, also has an effect on time itself.  Deep concentration, on the one hand; on the other deep distraction. I am learning Romanian and Irish!  I can watch Netflix for 4 hours straight or not at all.  

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