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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Not a Hybrid

Song is not a hybrid genre, a weird and problematic combination of two separate art forms, poetry and music. Song is song, and always has words and music. If words are prior to music in some sense, it is because of the weight of a certain understanding of the literary tradition. We are always thinking of setting preexisting words to new music, but this ignores the fact that these words are already musical, already inscribed in a musical and / or performative tradition. We are always thinking of "Song" as the title of a poem a kind of purely conventional nod in the direction of music, but what if songs actually were songs?


Now I'm coming to realize the importance of Falla's neoclassical period. That was what influenced the Grupo de los Ocho. That is the context for understanding Lorca's own musical context. It is not just Andalusianism.  

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Arun said...

Poetry is music and music is poetry, they are inevitably interlinked and go hand-in-hand with each other. To Bring Music to Life , the combination of music and poetry has to be in that perfect ratio to instill a spurt of emotion to the listeners. Sometimes, even vocables or instruments do their unbelievable magic!