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Thursday, July 2, 2020


I'm finding some conflicting information when researching Germaine Montero. I think it is a good thing when you find inconsistencies. It means you have consulted independent sources and that you have noticed when things don't line up exactly and care about small details.  You don't always have to decide what to believe; you can state factually that the information is incomplete or inconsistent. If it is a minor point, then don't belabor it. I find it necessary not to make assertions of which I am not confident.  

I haven't found that she exaggerates her closeness to Lorca. He was important for her, whereas for him she was one of many people that came under his sway. Choosing her for the female lead in Así que pasen cinco años was a vote of confidence for a young and not yet very experienced actress, though she had performed as a child. 

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