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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Rearranging the furniture

I found another radio interview with Montero. She says that Lorca, one day, at some friends' house, moved the living room furniture to the bedroom and vice-versa as a practical joke. I had to listen several times to get the story right with my imperfect comprehension of spoken French. I need to just listen to French for hours to practice. 

Germaine Montero's pronunciation is so clear that it helps a lot. She speaks with as much confidence as though she were reciting a dramatic speech that she had memorized. It is quite amazing. She never hesitates, misspeaks, goes back to correct herself. She never uses conversational "fillers." I wish I could speak like that in any language. 


Another anecdote from Lorca's  biography.  He called the oil and vinegar cruets "Ortega" and "Gasset." 

"Anfistora" was the humorous name he gave to the theater club. Lorca's humor is often overlooked. Someone should write an article about that. What I like about it is its witty, metaphorical quality. 

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