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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Dream of Brazil

 I had a night of very intense and vivid dreams. At one point I was in Brazil.  Since I have never been there, my vision of it was from my own brain, and not at all consistent with itself. The colors were very saturated. I knew it was a dream, but I wasn't sure where I was sleeping, perhaps in Spain (the dream before?). I suddenly got in a taxi and asked to go to the airport. 

In the dream before, I had been in Spain. There was a phonograph record playing of José Ángel Valente talking about his book on Lorca. I was excited and embarrassed, because I didn't know of the existence of this book, and I should have dealt with it in my previous book on Lorca. On the record he began to recite a poem about Lorca:  "Fotos familiares. Las tías solteras..." [family photos. The maiden aunts...]

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