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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Two Dreams

 I was acting in a movie with DeNiro. I was in a bar and he walked in and I said "Hi DeNiro." I wasn't sure if we were supposed to be in character or not.  There was another actor there too. DeNiro ordered food from us at the bar and then bought a cookie and handed it to me. The he took back half the cookie, which was actually three cookies stuck together. He started putting salt on the cookie, an excessive amount, in a jocular way. A woman said "we have to clean up the salt," which was creating almost a mist in the air. 

I woke up, realized it was a dream, and fell asleep again. Now I was floating down a canal, up to my neck in water, that paralleled part of the highway. It was supposed to be a pleasant way of commuting, since the water was warm. A woman was hanging on to my shoulders. Other women near by were speaking to her in perfect Japanese, although they were all white women. I thought of asking one of them why they were speaking Japanese. Now we were in a taxi, about four of us, going to a restaurant on the other side of town in an unidentified city. We kept stopping for gas, in an hour-long ride, and I had to sit next to new people each time. When we got to the restaurant, we got out. I realized I had left my coat in the car and flagged down the driver. He through my coat out the window. Then I could not find the people I was with in the restaurant, or outside at other tables. I tried to find my phone to see if I had contact info on them. I found two identical knives in my pocket, and realized I didn't know who the people were exactly. Then I woke up.  

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