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Friday, September 17, 2021


 Now my own ideas are being filtered through the faux-Bronk style. I cannot any longer formulate my own idea for a poem, because it all comes out in that mode. But when I go back to read Bronk, his poems seem quite unlike my own; they are more ponderous, heavier.  My knock-offs seem flippant in contrast. 

That is probably a good thing. At some point I will return to my usual style.  


Leslie B. said...

Poets. I discovered another one I did not know, who seems better. http://www.laotrarevista.com/2016/11/javier-taboada-mexico-1982/

Also connected to UGR. What is it about that place?

Jonathan said...

I can't say I'm crazy about this one. He seems a little cliché to me.

Leslie B. said...

Yes, but not as wordy, which is why I say a little bit better. But my thought is, UGR is a magnet for these cliché poets nowadays.

This Taboada works with Rothenberg and I am grateful to them at the moment since they like my Moro things. That's how I learned about him. Quand même.