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Monday, September 13, 2021


 Morel was published in 1940, a year after Flann O'Brien. Borges is behind the boom (Cortázar), but the magic-realism version of the boom was a kind of rival to the more metafictional version. JC's stories are obviously indebted to Borges. Bestiario is from 1951, so that's only a decade or so behind Borges's experimental fiction.  

I recently watched Blow Up. This film, set in London, is based on Cortázar story of the same title, but with a quite different plot, similar to the change from Morel to Marienbad. Foucault would be citing Borges in the 1960s, I believe, in The Order of Things, or Les mots et les choses.  

I haven't watched Marienbad in years. 


Leslie B. said...

What a marvelous article, in the link.

Jonathan said...

Yes. That's why I posted the link. It answered all my questions about the relation between the film and the movie.

Leslie B. said...

So for a class, maybe:

1. El arte narrativo y la magia, Morel, Marienbad;
2. Las babas del diablo, Blow-Up;
3. Various by Charlie Parker, El perseguidor;
4. Other adaptations.

Also needed, one just on the 40s: El aleph and Ficciones (1944), La invencidn de Morel (1940), El Señor Presidente (1946), Al filo del agua (1947), Adán Buenosayres (1948), El reino de este mundo (1949), what else? Objective: get to the bottom of these Boom origins, magical realism/metafiction/fantastic. In this class one would look at the revista Sur, etc.