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Friday, September 10, 2021

The Problem

 I could write imitations of Bronk's ideas using Bronk's own language (more or less), or I could put my own ideas in a Bronkian language, or put Bronkian ideas in a language alien to him, or put my own ideas in a language not Bronkian at all. That would be throwing away the crutch.  

Eventually, it will evolve in this direction, just as as my bad poems evolved into good ones. 

My new challenge is a poet we might call facilón.  He's from Granada and teaches in Virginia, has all the prizes and translated by Forché in one of the best poetry presses in the US.  His work is just pretty and super facile, like a Spanish Mary Oliver.  


Leslie B. said...

Haha! You know, I like MA Zapata better than I do these current granaínos we have been discussing.

But my bad poet (Peruvian) hates Zapata like the plague.

Leslie B. said...

And the new news: Rothenberg has a blog. http://poemsandpoetics.blogspot.com/ I am impressed to find he is 90.