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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Another post about the original article




Leslie B. said...

I guess one would have to read the book, I'm absolutely not sure what kind of context this person is really speaking to and also whether the PhD from his institution is some really abstract thing, "yes we must protect identities" -- remember it's in Catalunya

Jonathan said...

He was raised in North East and then went to Barcelona, so if he had been raised in the Southwest or California or even midwest he would have had a different experience of Hispanic Studies in the US. A lot of people at Stanford in 1981 did not think peninsular should even be a field of study. That is some 40 years ago. I read part of the kindle sample on amazon and it is the same as the Chronicle article, word for word.

Leslie B. said...

And he's in PR. I don't know, he seems an odd person. And he was an Obama fellow, does that mean he has some kind of connection to middlebrow-ness, like poets laureate?