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Monday, December 26, 2022

Dream of zen poetry

 I was in a library reference room, and found an issue of a journal called Berkeley Poetry Review. It was a special feature on Lawrence zen poetry, and a picture of me and my ex-wife and daughter, looking like a young family, on the cover. I was featured with a few poems and an essay on zen poetry. I was puzzled because this was done without my knowledge / permission. I tried to check out the magazine to bring home with me, but was told that reference materials could not be checked out. A tall individual wanted to look at it, so I let him. I was leaving, and realized I had left my coat with my keys and phone in it.  I tried out several coats but could not find my own.  

The poems were rather silly ones, though I don't remember what they were, exactly. I don't really believe in zen poetry, per se.  

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