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Sunday, December 25, 2022


 Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera has a book out which seems to repeat an argument he made in a Chronicle of Higher Education piece, about decolonializing the teaching of Spanish in the US.  It has a blurb from Mignolo.  It came up in my Iberian Studies group on facebook.  I'm not going to say anything there. I'm the founder and administrator of the group and I don't use that role to promote my own agenda, but I think his argument is misguided. What is taught in the US is mostly Latin American Spanish, not peninsular Spanish.  


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Leslie B. said...

I had coffee with one of our graduate students who is from the Congo and there's a country that needs its curriculum decolonized. He was telling me what teachers say and I'd say well Bello and Martí have rebuttals.

A lot of departments are still teaching 50% Peninsular lit, though. I'm not sure that's bad, I don't know.