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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Translation Workshop Update

My workshop is going incredibly well. The students are doing what I ask and the results justify my methods, and making me a smarter person too just by studying with me.

My newest idea is that you might want to hear the translation in your head as a melody before you write it. That will be the basis of assignment four, which is going to be a translation of the poem into something cantabile.

The next time is going to be more formal. I want to give it as an online class through the university, and there will be tuition money involved. Or maybe not. I think I could give it again just on the side, if I had more students. It is a lot of work, and each student adds work, but I also think if what I'm offered is valuable it should have a recompense.

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Phaedrus said...

It has been a great experience, on many fronts. I'm thinking about translation in a host of new ways - and poetry itself in new ways, too. I've been reading a ton of authors I'd never read in the original French before. And the assignments have been delightful and challenging. (I'm a day or so away from my "No Look" translation!)