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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Stab at the Bad Poem

My other bad poem was not bad enough, I realize. Here is another attempt. This is about as bad as I can make it.


I am surrounded by beautiful plants, and happy

I have some beautiful works of art on the wall

That have taught me beauty

And about beauty

The plants need watering, which

Has taught me about thirst, the thirst

Not just for water, but for spiritual nourishment and

Perhaps for beauty as well?

As Antonio Machado wrote, we know water quenches thirst

(And that beautiful glass makes good receptacles for water)

But who knows what

thirst is for?


Leslie said...

Yes, terrible. But very similar to what people take for good.

Anonymous said...

The final two lines made me laugh so loud I had to shut the doors to my balcony. So, I would file this poem under the heading "Bad Poems that Make You Feel Great."