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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Marks on Paper

So I have broken down what I want to do in several steps.

*Make marks on paper

[I've done that]

*Keep doing it enough so that it becomes habitual.


*Find something interesting in the marks I've made.

[Starting to do that]

*Develop some techniques or procedures for doing something of interest.

[Starting to do that]

*Define a particular project. It could be a series of visual poems, or a comic book.

*Actually do this project. Produce something.

*Publish or diffuse it in some way.

At no point does the question of something being good or bad enter into it. I prefer to think of it as interesting or not interesting. It would be fine to learn to draw realistically, etc... that may or may not be interesting, and "badness" would be synonymous with a lack or realism, right?

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