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Sunday, July 17, 2016


I ran a mile race in 9:50. I could have gone faster. Still have a lot of energy. Brought the chicken feed in; after breakfast I will get rid of some invasive honeysuckles. Reading Norwegian Wood again. I couldn't remember anything at all, except that it was a tragic love story narrated by a man who never quite gets together with the main female character.

One of my songs is really coming together, not merely as a song, but as something that can be played with an infectious rhythm. I am practicing playing my right hand louder than my left and getting exact dynamics and phrasing.

Your goodbyes
left me with so much more to say
but your eyes
told me that you'd be back to play...

from your kiss
I knew that you'd really like to stay--
You'd come again and spend the night another day

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