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Monday, July 25, 2016


I had a lengthy and elaborate dream, one that was also extremely productive in a way that makes me sorry for saying dreams are dull. It had to do with counterparts or counterweights. That things balance each other out or compensate for each other. I couldn't remember any actual examples when I got up, but one might be that snow is a frequent image in Cuban poetry, even though there is no snow in Cuba. The examples in the dream were more subtle that that, though one did involve snow. You couldn't just say, oh, the cold snow balances out the tropical heat. No, the two things had to be seemingly unrelated to each other, not simply polar opposites. In the dream I learned how to draw these connections, neither metaphorical nor antithetical. You simply had to feel how one thing made up for the other, brought things into alignment again, but in a way that made things better than the first event because you took joy in the process of balancing.

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