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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Beef Stew

I took a pound and a half of chuck steak, trimmed the fat and dredged it in flour and a small amount of salt. I browned it in a cast-iron dutch oven and then deglazed the bottom of the pan with half a bottle of red wine and a can of beef broth. I added the other ingredients: four carrots, three potatoes, three large chopped onions, a dash of worstershire sauce, two bay leaves, a dash of cayenne, and a T of tomato paste.  I put this in a 300 degree oven for three hours. Then I transferred most of the broth to a sauce pan that had flour dissolved in water in it, and made a thick gravy out of it. The trick, I think, was using a lot of onions and wine.  The dish was very flavorful without being over salted.

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